Brits are worst lovers in Europe… according to Brits! Nation comes bottom of list that asked residents to rate sexual performance

which nationality is worst in bed

United States

When it comes to the worst lovers in the world, the United States takes the top spot. A new survey of 22,753 men and women from Italy, France, Ireland, South Africa, and Brazil found that Americans are the least satisfied with their sex lives.

Italians are the second-worst lovers in the world, followed by France, Ireland, South Africa, and Brazil. The survey found that Brazilians are the most satisfied with their sex lives.

So why are Americans so unhappy with their sex lives? There are a number of reasons. First of all, American men tend to be too self-centered in bed. They’re more focused on their own pleasure than pleasing their partner.

Second, American women are often too passive in bed. They’re not as vocal about what they want or don’t want, which can lead to frustration for both partners.

Third, American couples tend to have less sex than couples in other countries. The average American couple has sex just once a week, while couples in Italy have sex an average of three times per week.

fourth , many Americans simply don’t know how to spice up their sex life . They’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to try new things or experiment . Lastly , fifth sexuality is still taboo in many parts of America , which can make people uncomfortable talking about it openly . As a result , people aren’t getting the education or information they need to have a great sex life .

United Kingdom

If you’re looking for the world’s worst lovers, you won’t find them in the United Kingdom. The British are known for being some of the best lovers in the world. But what about the rest of Europe? Here are some of the worst lovers in Europe, according to a new survey:

Spain: Brazil, Italy, France, and Ireland all rank ahead of Spain when it comes to bedroom skills. The Spanish just don’t seem to have what it takes to please their partners.

South Africa: Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark all rank ahead of South Africa when it comes to bedroom skills. This is surprising given that South Africans are known for being great athletes. Maybe they just don’t know how to transfer those skills to the bedroom?

Africa: Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark all rank ahead of Africa when it comes to bedroom skills. This is surprising given that Africans are known for being great dancers. Maybe they just don’t know how to transfer those moves to the bedroom?


There’s no definitive answer to this question, as people’s preferences and opinions vary greatly. However, if we looked at some general trends and consensus, it seems that Canada would be towards the bottom of the list when it comes to nations considered “worst in bed”.

One survey of over 2,000 people from 26 different countries found that Canada was voted the 20th best country for sex. This isn’t terrible, but definitely not great either. Furthermore, another study found that Canadian women were more likely to report fake orgasms than women from any other country.

So why is Canada generally seen as being not-so-good in bed? One possibility is that Canadians are simply too polite and reserved when it comes to sex. They might be afraid of being too aggressive or offensive, which can lead to them holding back and not truly enjoying themselves. Additionally, Canadians tend to be quite self-conscious and insecure about their bodies, which can also hinder sexual pleasure.

If you’re Canadian and looking to up your game in the bedroom, there are definitely some things you can do to improve your performance. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner about what you like and don’t like. Good sex requires good communication! Secondly, work on getting rid of any body image issues or hang-ups you have – confidence is key when it comes to sexual satisfaction. And finally, make an effort to be more spontaneous and adventurous in bed – sometimes the best sex happens when you let go of all your inhibitions!


Australia is one of the worst countries in bed, according to a new survey. The Survey of Sexual Satisfaction, which polled more than 5,000 people from Brazil, Italy, France, Ireland and South Africa, found that Australians are the least satisfied with their sex lives.

The survey found that only 56% of Australians are satisfied with their sex lives, compared to 67% of Brazilians, 66% of Italians and 65% of French people. In contrast, 82% of people from New Zealand and Denmark said they were satisfied with their sex lives.

Australia also ranked poorly in terms of sexual frequency, with only 46% of respondents saying they have sex once a week or more. This is in contrast to countries like Brazil (59%), Italy (58%) and France (57%).

So what’s the reason for Australia’s poor performance in bed? One theory is that Australian men are simply too shy when it comes to sex. A recent study found that Australian men are less likely to initiate sex than men from any other country. This may be due to a number of factors, including our relatively conservative culture and the fact that many Australians still view sex as taboo.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Australia has some work to do if we want to improve our bedroom performance. So let’s get out there and start having some great sex!