5 Responsible Ways to Get Rid of a Mattress

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Mattress

Mattress disposal can be a tricky business. You can’t just leave your mattress on the curb, and you can’t take it to the dump. So what do you do with it?

Here are some options for disposing of your mattress:

1. Mattress recycling: Many recycling centers will accept mattresses in good condition. Check with your local center to see if they accept them and what their requirements are.

2. Habitat for Humanity: Some Habitat for Humanity stores accept mattresses and box springs in good condition. Call ahead to confirm they accept them and find out their requirements.

3. Salvation Army: The Salvation Army will often pick up mattresses and box springs from donors’ homes. Call or check their website to see if this service is available in your area and to schedule a pick-up time.

4. Bed bugs: If you think your mattress may be infested with bed bugs, you should contact a professional pest control company for proper removal and disposal. Do not attempt to remove or dispose of the mattress yourself, as this could spread the infestation.

How to properly get rid of a mattress

If you’re getting rid of a mattress, you need to do it properly. Here’s how:

First, remove the mattress from the bed frame. If you have a box spring, this will need to be removed too. You can recycle your mattress and box spring at a recycling center.

Memory foam mattresses can be recycled, but they often have to be taken to a special recycling center. In Rhode Island, there are three recycling centers that accept memory foam mattresses.

You can also donate your mattress and box spring to a furniture bank or donation center. The Furniture Bank Association has a list of furniture banks across the country that accept mattress donations. Mattress removal services may also be able to pick up your old mattress and donate it for you.

When to replace your mattress

It is important to know when to replace a mattress because sleeping on an old or worn out mattress can lead to back pain, lack of support can cause aches and pains, and dust mites that have accumulated over time can cause allergies. A good rule of thumb is to replace your mattress every 7-10 years, but there are other signs that it may be time for a new one sooner.

Here are some signs it’s time to get rid of your old mattress and buy a new one:
You wake up with aches and pains – If you find yourself waking up with neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain it could be time for a new mattress. An old mattress won’t provide the same level of support as a new one and could be causing you unnecessary discomfort.
Your sleep habits have changed – If you used to sleep through the night but now find yourself tossing and turning or waking up several times during the night, it’s probably time for a new mattress. A change in sleep habits could be due to many things, but an uncomfortable mattress is often the culprit.
You notice lumps or lumpy spots – Lumps and lumpy spots are usually a sign that the inner layers of your mattress have shifted and are no longer providing proper support. This can lead to back pain and make it difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.
The springs are poking through – This is a sure sign that it’s time for a replacement! Not only is it uncomfortable to feel the springs poking through, but they can also damage your bedding.
Your allergies are acting up – If you start noticing more congestion or sneezing after spending time in bed, it could be due to dust mites that have accumulated in your mattress over time. These tiny creatures thrive in mattresses because they feed off dead skin cells shed by humans while they sleep. Dust mites are too small to see with the naked eye, but they can cause big problems for people with allergies or asthma . Replacing an old mattress is the best way to get rid of dust mites and improve your allergy symptoms .

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Tips for prolonging the life of your mattress

1. Get rid of your mattress when it starts to sag or show signs of wear and tear. This will help prevent further damage and prolong the life of your mattress.

2. Use a removal service to get rid of your old mattress. This will ensure that your mattress is disposed of properly and won’t end up in a landfill.

3. Donate your old mattress to a local charity or organization that accepts them. This is a great way to prolong the life of your mattress and help others in need.

4. Recycle your old mattress if possible. This is another great way to prolong the life of your mattress and help preserve our environment.

5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and cleaning of your mattress. This will help ensure that your mattress stays in good condition for as long as possible.