Maine Sleep Society -
The goals of the Society are the promotion and improvement of sleep quality in the residents of Maine. The society shall be dedicated to the highest professional and scientific standards.The society has the purpose of bringing together the full breadth of sleep professionals to promote communication, understanding, and management of sleep disorders through education programs, support of scientific research and other scientific activities.The Society  participates with and represents the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to promote healthy sleep in Maine.
Sleep tech and RT attendees from the March 11th conference-to obtain your certificate:
You need to do the course eval online then get the certificate. The company we went thru wanted everyone's names on the paper evals which was not conveyed to us. Dannemiller cannot send the certificates unless you go online and do it again. Deadline to do this is April 11.  See below:
Here is the link to take the evaluation online

Click on it and take the evaluation.  Once it is completed, a certificate will pop up.  They can either print or save into their file folder.
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