Snoring is not just producing loud sound while sleeping. It is much more than that. It is a most common serious problem that is encountered by all at some point in their life. It is known to cause nuisance to the snorer and the partner who has to share the bed along with him. Snoring is known to cause dangerous complications than just waking you and your partner from sleep.

It is an interesting fact that 20% of the adult population snore. In men over the age of 40 years, it is studied that about 60% snore. Prevention of snoring is vital for your body to avoid the risks of snoring that you will have to face in every walk of life- family, work, and relationship. There are plenty of treatment options available for snoring. But none have given the best results. These years it is the anti snoring mouthpieces that have gained popularity for their excellent results. Anti snoring devices are the best for snorers.


Anti snoring device:

Snoring is caused by vibration of the throat tissue against the other anatomical structures in the mouth and they cause vibration and produce the snoring sound. The best to avoid snoring is by using the easiest snoring mouthpieces.

There are two types of snoring devices. One, which pushes the jaw forwards which in turn leads to separation of the vibrating structures in the throat. These are mandible advancement devices. The other is which stabilizes the tongue by pulling it forwards and creating greater airway space. These are termed as tongue stabilizing devices.

Choosing a snoring mouthpiece:

To obtain a mouthpiece, prescription from the doctor is not required. It is your choice which to opt. The choice is between mandible and the tongue stabilizing device. This requires you to ask for your doctor’s opinion based on your anatomy and requirement. The best results are seen with mandible stabilizing devices.

The rigid mouthpieces available earlier are not recommended now. With advances in polymer technology, soft ones which mold your oral cavity are available which are proved to be the best.  Adjustable ones that can be custom made and that fit you are also available. Most of these anti snoring mouth pieces are not very costly

Safety and viability of snoring device:

The FDA has approved the use of mouth snoring devices and found to be safe. The mandible stabilising devices can cause pressure effect on the jaw and can cause pain when used continuously.  The chemical content of most of the anti snoring device is BPA. Exposure to BPA is of concern as it can adverse health effects on the behaviour, brain, can affect the prostate gland of children if used in childhood. There are studies suggesting that on long tern use of these anti snoring devices made up of BPA can cause high blood pressure. So it is safe to find non BPA laden devices to mute snoring.

With respect to the durability, the flexible and the adjustable ones are of short life span. High heat sensitive moulding device that provide a great fit are known to last long and are effective. It is said that each snoring device can last up to 1 year.

There are several reviews of mouth snoring pieces. The best anti snoring mouth pieces are BPA free and comfortable. The comfort is of main importance. Certain devices may mute your snoring but will not be comfortable to wear it and relax and get a sound sleep.

Although most snorers enjoy no snoring with anti snoring mouth devices, there are associated disadvantages of using them. Since it is available over the counter, people use it to relieve snoring.  But in some cases snoring can be a symptom of a chronic illness. In such circumstances, it will lead to misdiagnosis by wearing it and getting symptomatic relief.

The other major disadvantage is chances of infection are high with its usage. If not washed thoroughly it can cause oral cavity infections and that might be a challenging task for the treating doctor to get rid of it. Snoring mouthpieces are inexpensive, safe and are the best possible option to mute snoring.